Crawl spaces and basements are often overlooked when people think of insulating their building but can be a significant source of heat loss. Because they are closest to the ground, or under it, it also means they are prone to moisture which can cause a number of problems. Our insulation is able to protect your crawl spaces and basements from moisture and help keep the area above it warm. If you have existing insulation that has been damaged, particularly from moisture, we also have a removal and replacement service which can make sure your building is once again properly insulated.

Why Insulate Crawl Spaces?
The goal of insulating a building is to be able to better control the temperature, particularly to trap heat. Heat is commonly known to rise, so it might seem like low-down areas of a building do not need insulation. In reality, there is often a lot of heat that is often lost through floors in contact with crawl spaces, and so these are often areas that benefit a lot from insulation too. Insulation here provides an effective barrier for the building from air currents and moisture that can bleed warmth away, meaning that your building can stay significantly warmer.

Moisture Resistance.
Basements and crawl spaces are one of the main areas of the home, alongside the attic, where moisture can become a problem. Alongside the common problems associated with moisture, such as mold and wood rot, this can also have a significant detrimental effect on the r-value of the areas surrounding the crawl space. By installing crawl space insulation you can help keep your building warm while also protecting the building from moisture. Spray foam insulation is particularly effective for this and has a number of qualities, such as its expansion and the nature of the foam’s cells, that allows it to be moisture resistant.

Air Sealing.
Crawl spaces are often built with airflow through them. This is often useful for a building, but can also lead to many problems too, notably draining heat through the floor. As well as being able to provide moisture resistance our insulation team can also ensure that your crawl space is effectively sealed against air too, meaning the heat lost through crawl space air currents is minimized. Another added benefit of sealing your crawl space against air and moisture is that it can also be used as a dry storage space, should you need it.

Insulation Removal And Replacement.
Considering how prone to moisture problems crawl spaces can be, it can often cause you to have problems with insulation, particularly if it is older insulation. If your old insulation has picked up moisture, it will likely be much less effective at keeping your building warm, while also providing a safe space for molds and even pests. As well as being able to install new insulation, we are also more than capable of removing and replacing old insulation too. By doing this, we can ensure that you are getting the latest and most effective insulation while getting rid of the old one and the problems that went with it.

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